Paula - My Beloved Paula :)

This is for your eyes and your eyes only.

To avoid "lecturing" and repeating I'm writing as much as I can down - BUT any time ANYTHING is on your mind my Love Always feel free to ask me. :)

Honey - I'm not here for "fun" - Real Fun is being together in Real Life - doing things together - Loving each other and Darling I LIVE more "fun" than anybody ever will on Imvu.........

I'm not the best vampire, zombie, slave or slave master, furry, goth, tattooed freak  etc etc - I am the best Real Man I can be - and will be even better for You my Wife. :)

I'm totally disinterested - on-line AND in real life in orgies, two-somes and so-called sexual experimentation - I'm a sexual Heterosexual Man but all I want is to sexually fulfill my Paula - and ONLY my Paula - emotionally  ;) and wear out physically - lol ;)

Not to belabour the point, Sweetie but 5 guys later - with guys more imvu "fun" than me and better chit-chatters - where is Panda now or where is she headed?

Sex games later - will Liz or Tralyn ever be more than lonely, empty middle-aged women?

Honey :) I want an intelligent Loving Real Woman - not an Imvu "girl" or Imvu slut........

I Truly Love You - THE REAL PAULA - and will always be by You for all your physical, emotional, spritual needs and wants.

I want to bring you all the Happiness you deserve and need that I can.

I can and will support you and our family financially AND emotionally - I am secure and im not stunted inside, Baby. :)

These four pillars are what our relationship AND future are based on and sad to say - from what I have seen on-line people dont even have ONE of them.......


Enough "back-ground talk" - All your Faith in Our Love will be realized in Real :)

When we are sharing our lives together - when we experience All LOVE means.......from routine activities - school - work - to shopping 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive........from lying on the beach in the Aegean or going to Broadway Shows.........from lying in each others arms to most beautiful sex we can share........

WHEN Life will be a Beautiful Reality and we'll have Everything our Hearts desire - Imvu will only be a distant memory and You will know that even All Our Love on-line was just a little taste of things to come.  :)

Paula Paula Paula - kiss kiss kiss


My Wife - Mother of Our Children
On-line Now - Always in Real Life